Our projects

Journeys on Public Transport 2000–2008

A series of photographs taken on public transport in Australia, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States from 2000–2008.

Maybe Mum’s Not the Word

Maybe Mums Not the Word is a funny, moving look at the lives of three women in their thirties with very different ideas on motherhood.


Insecurities is about the everyday impact of living with the threat of terrorism.

We Float and Burst – The Desks

Breadtag World

Planets and stars of the solar system recreated using 12,000 breadtags. An installation at Sweets Workshop, Summer Hill, Sydney, 2011

The Same Mistakes Vol. 2 – The Desks

Make and Share Backyard Fair

The Make and Share Backyard Fair was held across two backyards in Marrickville in 2012. The aim was to build community, promote local makers and have fun, while raising money for charity.


‘Home’ – one thousand tiny moments. Documenting the warmth, clutter and light of home. An installation at Sweets Workshop, Summer Hill, Sydney, 2013

Home online exhibition

An online exhibition built to accompany the Home installation featuring written, sound and photographic work on the theme of ‘home’.

The 20th

The 20th was a project for music makers. Anyone could write and record a song on the 20th of the month, and we’d compile the tracks to CD-Rs and share them around.

You’re Doing Great, Baby

You’re Doing Great, Baby is a compassion-filled picture book for new parents that reminds them how great they’re doing.

Adventures in Early Parenthood

A collection of non-fiction writing about early parenthood. You can buy the e-book here.